Taste the Street Food


Book us for Your Event, Churros Factory UK & Churo’s Specialist Coffee

Available for School Events, Bonfire events, Corporate events Festivals Fetes Galas Hot Chocolate Rugby School Xmas

School Fete, Corporate Event,Rugby event,Fete,Festival,Bonfire night,Xmas Event,


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Churros with warm Belgium Chocolate seen below, and Cream,or with Cinnimon Sugar or toffee








Also Do try our Specialist Coffee,



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 Burger’s, and Giant Frankie’s

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—They Taste Like Happiness,

Churros A1 Delicious Churros rolled in Cinnomon sugar,Dipped in Warm chocolate even add a sqwish of Cream WOW,

We are avalable for Events,Fetes,Galas, Music Festivals,Fundays,Ect,we will travel to most Events in UK, Please call Tel. 07852913481

Events, Fete, Gala’s, Show’s Bournemouth,

Sites WANTED in Bournemouth,Christchurch,Poole,or Areas in Shopping Malls or good sites, For Luxury Kiosk, selling Delicious Donuts* Coffee Lata, Hot Chocolate/ CANDY FLOSS/ Good Rent Paid. Keep it Local. Tel. 07852913481

We are also Available for Summer Events, Fete, Gala’s,Shows,Ect,and pay good rent,


Events,Fetes, Shows,Galas.Bournemouth