Dear Prime Minister,
Please listen to the people who bothered to vote in the EU Referendum, they want you to walk away NOW. Please STOP this protracted nonsense that is making us in Britain, a laughing stock in the World. Maybe you don’t get much time to listen to ordinary people, but there is a growing anger rising right across the Country, and if action to deliver Brexit and close our Borders is not delivered as a matter of urgency, then I predict Enoch Powell will be correct in his prediction – “There will be rivers of blood flowing along Britain’s streets”. The behaviour of Politicians of all parties in Westminster, and the devolved Administrations is disgraceful and people are fed up of all the dirty games you are all playing. It is time you all started putting Britain and the democratic process FIRST and leave the disgusting party politics behind.

Stop being frightened about letting Jeremy Corbyn in No 10, because if you deliver this for the people of Britain, he will be history. You can’t win the respect and loyalty of British people with the outrageous appeasement of Muslims just to secure their vote and not loose seats.

There is a cavernous void in Government, where silence and rumour seem to be the only contact you have with the populace. All we hear about is the alleged misconduct of this person and that person, although we hear ABSOLUTLY NOTHING FROM YOU ABOUT THE GROOMING GANGS PREYING ON OUR CHILDREN. Don’t take us for fools, we are not stupid, we need to hear you speak and take a strong line, just as President Trump is doing. We want our Country back, we DO NOT want Sharia Law to be implemented, we DO NOT want to listen to mosques, or eat halal killed food. Do you not understand the British people, who in the most part are very tolerant, HAVE HAD ENOUGH. You Prime Minister and your MP’s need to take note.



  By Steve Charles
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Team Juncker – which is the rightful name for this ruthless group of bandits – stole Britain in 1972, and it took nothing more than a yacht, a French man, and a dirty greedy paedophile, to sign away what was not his to give! From that single treasonous act, they got a foothold in Britain. Under the guise of free trade, they deceived both our Queen and the nation, into giving away our lands – so the plot to overthrow Britain had just begun! TED HEATH knew – and was fully aware of – his actions of deceit, so much so that he had the files sealed for the next 30yrs!

Taking power away from our government was the easy part! The lure of a ticket – on the EU gravy train – was too tempting for most politicians to refuse, so one by one they sold their souls!
There was no need for the EU to do anything more, as our now corrupt politicians would overthrow our government and parliament for them, and hand everything over willingly!
They were all now up to their necks in corruption and filth! They had no choice, but to carry on with the lies and pretence that all was well in our once great institution!

As Brussels demanded more, the lies grew bigger, and so was the price to pay! The police and armed forces of nations would need to be bought or dismantled, to guarantee the people would have no protection or defence – so resistance would be at a bare minimum!

Multiculturalism and immigration would be a ruse, to gain European votes and dilute the people of sovereign nations. With the backing of the UN, and financial help of the elite’s, the agenda moved forward.

Convincing the people that they were no longer sovereign would not be such an easy task, as these rights were bestowed to them for all time – to prevent any government or ruler betraying the people – so could not be broken. The judges and the judiciary would have to side with the people, or be found in contempt – themselves facing charges of treason – so parliament would have to bow to the will of the people, or be found guilty of treason and be dissolved!

In a last ditch attempt – and running out of time – to complete their plot to conquer Europe, the EU would ready their soldiers – knowing that should this fail they would most likely be charged with the intention to commit genocide, crimes against a sovereign nation, fraud, misappropriation of funds and extortion, to list just a few! Seeing the end of a rope looming, and all to be exposed, they incited a full scale civil war in each of the countries throughout Europe. They hoped this would divide the population, just long enough for them to get their army’s in place.

Who would stand up for the people, and honour their Oaths, to protect and serve them? Would the police – who once tried to silence the people by denying them their rights under the
RULE OF LAW – or would the Army step forward to stop the foreign? invaders culling British citizens? Maybe it will just be you and I as the resistance to this onslaught!

We may not win this war on the streets, and we may not be able to protect our lands, but we sure as hell can avenge our fallen – and take as many of our enemies with us! Surrender is NOT AN OPTION, as our children will be nothing more than victims and slaves!

PLEASE share to wake up the rest!

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